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Wandering through the vibrant aisles of Toys 'R Us or Kiddie City, Masters of the Universe figures gleamed like treasures from Eternia (or Etheria). In those early years, Skeletor's forces and the evil Horde were the 'cool kids' in my make-believe world, the monstrous stars of every epic story attempting to conquer Castle Grayskull in the vast landscape of my childhood imagination. 

Now, let's delve into the dark corners of my favorite monsters who waged war against He-Man for control of Castle Grayskull. They weren't just toys; they were the villains that fueled my youthful adventures, each one leaving an unforgettable mark on the landscape of my fondest memories.

Modulok (1985)

Meet Modulok, originally a scientist extraordinaire named Galen "Nycoff." Hailing from a distant planet, Modulok may have seemed like an unlikely villain with his unassuming appearance. But oh, don't let those innocent looks fool you! This guy wasn't your run-of-the-mill baddie; he was a genius, with a penchant for petty crimes. 

And who could resist unleashing the many faces of Modulok! Remember the excitement of sculpting your own monstrous masterpiece? Each twist and turn represented a stroke of genius in crafting your very own Franken-toy. It was like being a mad scientist with plastic parts instead of bubbling beakers, bringing Modulok's mischievous spirit to life in every twist. 

Mantenna (1985)

Say hello to Mantenna: a character as strange as his name suggests. Once an eager member of Adora's force squad and later an enthusiastic minion under Catra's command, Mantenna's origins are as unique as his distinctive features.

One of Mantenna's most notable characteristics was his eye-popping design. The figure featured extendable eyes on stalks, giving him an otherworldly and eccentric appearance. This design set Mantenna apart from other action figures in the line, making him instantly recognizable.

SSSqueeze (1987)

Introducing SSSqueeze, one of the snake men in the Masters of the Universe lineup. Once known as 'Tanglor' during his pre-ternian snake days, SSSqueeze had quite the resume as one of King Hiss's right-hand serpent. Yet, in the grand tradition of top-tier villains, he scored a membership to the 'nameless dimension club' thanks to the Council of Elders – a real snake pit of banishment! But King Hiss graciously yanked him out of the void for a second round of mischief.

Now, what's the secret that makes SSSqueeze stand out in the action figure aisles? It's all about those slithery, snake-like arms! His elongated appendages were always ready to coil around the most powerful man in the universe. SSSqueeze brought a full-on burst of formidable flair to the world of Eternia.

BONUS: Saurod (1987)

Finally, let's talk about Saurod. This guy, straight from the ranks of Skeletor's henchmen in the 1987 MOTU Movie, is the lizard-like marksman with a laser gun and retractable razor-sharp claws. Saurod, Blade, Karg, and Beast Man – were on a mission to snatch the Cosmic Key from Earth. Saurod communicates exclusively through hissing. It's a language only the most menacing reptiles would understand.

Saurod's film role was as short-lived as a blockbuster explosion. After flubbing Skeletor's mission on Earth, he got the boot early in the game. In the action figure universe, Saurod stands tall as the silent lizard legend, forever frozen in his most menacing pose. Because in plastic, even the silent types speak volumes.

In the vibrant aisles of 80's toy stores, Masters of the Universe figures like Modulok, Mantenna, SSSqueeze, and Saurod weren't mere toys—they were the architects of my childhood adventures. 

Each twist of Modulok's parts and the slithery arms of SSSqueeze fueled boundless creativity, frozen in the landscape of cherished memories. Though stores like Toys 'R' Us and Kiddie City are gone, the legacy of these action figures endures, eternally intertwined with the intangible realm of childhood dreams.

Stay Spooky,

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