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Let's travel to a galaxy, far, far away and embrace the eerie ambiance settling in like the dense fog on Dagobah. I've been wanting to do a Star Wars entry for awhile and after doing some digging, I pulled together a few memories, books, figures and an episode of Star Wars: Rebels that totally fit the Goblin Candy esthetic. As an adult, Star Wars is pretty tame when it comes to anything scary. As a kid, some stuff can be considered a little unsettling or even nightmare inducing. 

Step into the dimly lit corridors of the Star Wars universe. Beneath the epic battles and heroic quests, lies a spookier side of the franchise that would make even the most evil of Sith Lords shudder. So grab your lightsaber, turn off the lights, and lets make the jump into hyperspace as we explore the darkest corners of the galaxy!

1. The Rancor

Okay, hear me out. The Rancor isn't too scary by today's standards. I mean, how can you not love that shot of Grogu nestled up next to Boba Fett's Rancor in "The Book of Boba Fett." When I saw "Return of the Jedi" for the first time as a kid, Jabba's Rancor terrified me. This wasn't a CGI Rancor, this was all practical effects and I think that's what added to the creep factor.

Looking back, the entire Rancor sequence is intense and I always felt bad for that Gamorrean Guard who falls into the pit with Luke. He was just doing his job and gets eaten for his troubles. After I got over the initial horror of the Rancor, the first half a Jedi (everything involving Jabba's Palace/Sail Barge) quickly became my favorite part from the movie. All of those weird monsters, aliens and a giant Kaiju lurking in the basement, so good! 

2. Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear

Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear is a horror series of YA novels that serve as a sequel to the events of A New Hope. I remember these books almost always being given away on Nickelodeon's "Legends of the Hidden Temple" for the kids who didn't make it all the way to the end. Not a bad consultation prize!

The series came out in 90's during those pivotal years when Star War was starting to get white hot again. The special editions were hitting theaters and "The Phantom Menace" was on the horizon. Back in the 90's everything had an insanely awesome hologram. These holograms where on stickers, Marvel trading cards and in this case, book covers. How can you not love a holographic skeleton with a space worm crawling through it's eye socket?

3. Star Wars Black Series Halloween Figures

I'm not a huge figure collector but if I see one that catches my eye, I'll pick it up. Back in 2022, Star Wars Black series unleashed not one, but TWO Halloween themed figures. AMAZING! When these two were revealed it totally made me want to run out to Target. The weird is, I have yet to buy them. That being said, both are now all over eBay and reasonably priced. 

First up we have this awesome silver Wookiee werewolf carrying a Mcboo pale. Could it be more perfect? The Wookiee also comes with a little bat creature (Not sure if it has a name) that can go with it on its trick-or-treating adventures. 
Next we have a Clone Trooper who's armor is painted like a neon-green skeleton. If you asked me to draw a Halloween-inspired Star Wars character, this would be it. This Clone Trooper also comes with its own trick-or-treating buddy in the form of a zombie/vampire Porg. Give me a second, I'm heading over to eBay right now.

BONUS: Star Wars Rebels: Season 3, Episode 11 (Visions and Voices)

Maybe two or three years ago, I went through a phase where I tried to watch an episode of any animated series on Disney+. "Star vs the Forces of Evil," "Gravity Falls" and "Star Wars: Rebels," just to name a few. "Star Wars: Rebels" is everything I could want in a Star Wars animated series. If this had come out in those late 90's years, forget about it, my teenage self would've been totally obsessed.

As I'm making my way through the series, I land on Episode 11 from season 3. You ever have one of those moments where you sit back and think, "Was this made specifically for me?"  In the episode, Darth Maul and Ezra go to Dathomir where they run into The Nightsisters who's spirits possess Kanan and Sabine. This episode has such a spooky vibe and could easily add a bit of Star Wars to your Halloween watch list. It could fit perfectly sandwiched between "Mr. Boogedy" and the Halloween episode of Big Bad Beetleborgs.

Looks like we're coming out of hyperspace after witnessing some serious scares. Hope you enjoyed a look at what horror-themed stuff the Star wars universe has to offer. I say, Curl up on the couch with a copy of "Eaten Alive," throw on "Return of the Jedi" and have yourself a day being fully immersed in the scary side of Star Wars!

Stay Spooky,

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