Saturday, April 13, 2024

The weekend is here and the agenda is set: a date with the TV, an abundance of junk food, and slowly becoming one with the couch. We're headed to Goblin Candy Video, where we'll stock up on some terrifying tapes and maybe even a video game or two.

When I was a kid, I spent many a weekend roaming the aisles of mom and pop video stores, being petrified at the nightmarish VHS covers of horror movies. If you grew up in the 80’s and 90’s you had to have similar experiences. So let's relive those memories!

We're in for a weekend of fun and who's to say this won't turn into a full-fledged sleepover? But before we head out, let's order an extra large pizza (Pizza Hut, Dominoes, I’m good either way) and get ready for a weekend of scares, laughs, and maybe a few sleepless nights.

1. Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)

Let’s start out with something fun to set the spooky mood. How about "Killer Klowns from Outer Space!" What can I say that hasn’t been said already about this movie? It's a classic. For whatever reason, I never saw it growing up. It wasn’t until the last decade where I saw it, fell in love, and it's now in my top five favorite horror movies. Awesome score, awesome character designs, and the perfect movie to kick off our weekend. Speaking of nightmarish VHS covers, Killer Klowns was ABSO-FREAKIN’-LUTELY on that list!

If I had to pick a favorite scene, well … maybe it's cliché, but I got to go with the shadow puppets. There’s something so unsettling about the way they are animated. While we’re here, we might as well grab some popcorn to go with our pizza. Kind of the perfect snack to eat when watching Killer Klowns.

2.  Decap Attack (1991) and Super Castlevania IV (1991)

I'm going to want to do some gaming this weekend. Look! Games are rent 1 get 1 free! Let’s go with a Sega AND Super Nintendo just to cover our bases. How about "Decap Attack" and "Super Castlevania IV?" I remember the first time I played "Decap Attack," Chuck D. Head became an instant favorite. Tossing his head at bizarre creatures that haunted the island's levels. Feels like the perfect game to play when you’re having a weekend of terrifying video/game rentals. 

"Super Castlevania IV" needs no introduction. One of THE best Castlevania games. I was already a fan of the series at this point and "Super Castlevania IV"  just took my fandom over the edge. Its like the original Castlevania on Steroids! Who writes the scores to these games? They deserve a major award. In fact, I have the score playing right now as I write this. It's a game that I rented on the regular and perfect for our horror-filled weekend. As a side note, both of these games were released in October of '91.

3. SummerSlam (1994)

After we do some gaming, we’re going want to mix it up a bit. Looks like they have a  nice selection of wrestling tapes. How about "Summerslam ’94?" If I remember, the card was stacked for this one. WWE hall of famers Alundra Blaze vs Bull Nakano, Bret Hart and Owen Hart in a steel cage for the WWF championship and the main event, Undertaker vs Undertaker! 

"Summerslam '94" doesn't exactly scream spooky but when you have two Undertakers battling it out, mirroring each others moves and Paul Bearer on the outside with that huge, oversized urn, how can you not be all in! I can't write about this and not mention how Dominoes Pizza was the sponsor for this event and had a tag line "So Hot It’s Scary,” and about Leslie Nielsen. He appeared in a series of segments during the event. He played a detective character in a storyline where he was tasked with solving the mystery of the two Undertakers. It’s just TOO good.

BONUS: Spookies (1988)

We need one more movie to really make this weekend awesome! Let’s dive into the 80s horror vault again and unearth "Spookies." Its a chaotic ensemble of monsters and mayhem and much like Killer Klowns, in my top five horror movies. If you haven’t seen it, "Spookies" centers on a group of young people who accidentally find themselves in a haunted house, where they are ensnared by a sorcerer who wants to use their life force to sustain his wife.

If you think "Super Castlevania IV" has a great score, "Spookies" has an AMAZING score!

My favorite scene has to be the encounter with the muck-men. These creatures, with their gross appearance and disgusting flatulence, are a perfect example of this movies blend of horror and comedy. "Spookies" is a perfect movie to throw on as the weekend starts winding down.

Okay, we're all set for a weekend packed with schlocky horror flicks, Genesis and SNES gaming marathons, and a showdown featuring not one, but two Undertakers. When we get back, the pizza should be ready, and we can unwind with a weekend of nothing but fun in the best possible way.

Stay Spooky,


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