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Welcome to this month’s cozy little blog post where I’m celebrating some seriously awesome seasonal sodas. Lately, I’ve been yearning for October’s charm, and it seems like everywhere I go, I catch a glimpse of Halloween. I stumbled upon a Mountain Dew VooDew from last season and felt it was the perfect time to dive into sodas that have received a Halloween makeover.

Although VooDew has become the new official drink of Halloween, I wanted to explore beyond the expected, so it won’t be on the list. Let’s face it, Mountain Dew VooDew deserves its own post! So, grab your coolest cup, and let’s toast to the ghostly, the mysterious, and the delicious drinks that make Halloween so special.

1. Pepsi Halloween Cola (2017)

Get ready to light up the night with Pepsi’s Halloween Cola from 2017 – the fizzy sensation exclusive to Japan. Look at that eye-catching pink hue! It reminds me of that pink potion from Death Becomes her or the glow from the river of slime from "Ghostbusters II." Bold enough to stand out in any Insta-worthy moment. How about that label art? Its just inviting you to join the most happening Halloween bash in recent memory.

Full transparency, I never got the chance to try this one myself. But from what I’ve gathered from people in our circles, this soda’s flavor had a fruity taste. Some say it’s bubblegum, others swear it’s cherry. Either way, it’s HALLOWEEN PEPSI! Whether you’ve tasted it or have it displayed as a treasured piece of the spooky season, it’s still a huge win!

2. Fanta Mystery Flavor (2023)

Next up, let's talk about Fanta’s Mystery flavor, from last Halloween season. This isn’t your run of the mill soda; this is the kind of drink that turns your tongue (cough .. and something else ... cough, cough) as dark as a moonless October night. So similar to that Simpsons frozen black cherry slushie from Burger king back in 2001. Was that also Fanta?

As for the flavor? A mystery wrapped in an enigma. This drink had us guessing on social media what exactly the flavor was just like with the Halloween Pepsi. I drank a few of these during the season and I was totally stumped. I kept getting hints or orange. So I'm going to go with that. Whatever the flavor was, it was a welcomed edition to the 2023 Halloween season!

3. Halloween Jones Soda (2023)

Now lets get into Jones Soda’s 2023 Halloween lineup. How cool was it to get these in 2023. If I had one nit to pick it would be that they weren't available in those mini soda cans like back in the 2000s.

First off, we had “Blood Sucker,” the strawberry-lime flavor. One look at that grinning vampire on the label and your ready for to kick back with a bottle for an all-night vampire movie marathon. Lets start with "Fright Night" and "Lost Boys" then see where the night takes us!

Then we have “Zombie Juice,” the green apple flavor. Crisp and tangy, this is the flavor that gives you the most fall vibes. Imagine going to one of those roadside farms in late October where you can pick apples and venture into a haunted corn maze. Now imagine that as a soda.  

Finally we have “Werewolf Piss” with a mix of orange and chocolate, it's like a trick-or-treat bag melted into a bottle. When I first saw this I was like "Naw, I'm good." I thought it was going to be something like those Jones Soda Thanksgiving packs where they had some of the most revolting flavors imaginable. That being said, it was good!

BONUS: G Fuel Horror Collection

Okay, I know this is a cheat. Sure, they’re not sodas, but the GFuel Horror Collection is too good to ignore!

First on the slab is Jason’s Hack ‘N’ Slash Citrus Fruit Punch. Imagine a concoction so sinister, it could only come from the depths of Crystal Lake. And with Jason’s hockey mask glaring at you from the can, you’ll feel like you’re right there in the movies, minus the gruesome endings.

Next, we’ve got Chucky’s Good Guys Tropical Blood Orange.  A citrus flavor with a hint of mayhem, just the way Chucky likes it. This one was so hard to track down. I remember driving all over town and not finding anything. Luckily, Spencer's was the only place it was available around here.

Last but not least, Freddy Krueger’s Dream Demon Tart Fruit Punch. This is the stuff of legends, people. 1000% my favorite of the three. Last year I got really into "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and made it a point to re-watch every movie, then G fuel announces this! It was so perfect. And how about our boy Freddy’s glove on the label? It’s like a VIP ticket to the boiler room.

And that’s a wrap on our soda-soaked Halloween adventure. We’ve sipped on Pepsi’s pink potion, unraveled Fanta’s fruity mystery, and reveled in Jones Soda’s trick-or-treat treasures. Plus, we can’t forget G Fuel’s Horror icon energy drinks. As we head into the spring months of 2024, I hope this post brings you a little bit of Halloween goodness. Until our next eerie encounter, keep those drinks dark and dreams spookier!

Stay Spooky,


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