Wednesday, August 30, 2023


The Halloween season is in full swing, and we're knee-deep in horror movie marathons, sipping on pumpkin spice lattes, and religiously making our pilgrimages to the one and only Spirit Halloween store. Now, amidst all this spooky revelry, General Mills continues to stir up the cauldron of new cereal excitement!
The box art is awesome. Right there, in the spotlight, we've got Carmella Creeper, the cereal DJ spinning the decks like only she can on the 1s and 2s. But the real party? It's happening all around her. Count Chocula, Frankenberry, Boo Berry, Frute Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy are all dancing in the most epic monster mash dance party of the spooky season. And if you flip that box around to the back, you're in for a treat! There's a comic strip that spills the beans on Carmella Creeper's origin story. Turns out, she's none other than Frankenberry's long-lost zombie cousin! 

 But how Monster Mash Remix it taste?

I remember the original Monster Mash and how this remix has captured that same eerily fruit-filled flavor. Let's not gloss over the color. The remix is SO green, like bright neon green mixed with dark blue, Boo Berry ghosts. 
So, whether you're grooving to DJ Carmella's tunes or indulging in fruit flavored cereal here's to a breakfast that's anything but ordinary. This season, let your mornings be filled with monster-sized munchies and the kind of fun that only a cereal like this can deliver.

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