Tuesday, August 15, 2023


Spooky cereals are out there in the wild ushering in the 2023 Halloween season! Just as like they do every year, General Mills is going all in. Among this year's heavy-hitters is none other than Chocolate Lucky Charms with Haunted Marshmallows. This limited-edition cereal is the perfect gateway to launch this year's fearful festivities!

Fresh out of the gym, I headed to store that conveniently sits on my route home. My sole mission? Cat food procurement. Zero expectations about finding anything Halloween related. I was so locked onto those cans of "Sea Captain's Choice" that I walked right past the display without a second thought. Classic tunnel vision. But lo and behold, I turned around, and there they were. General Mills Halloween cereals, in all their ghastly glory.

Among the Pumpkin Spice Cheerios and Count Chocula was this beautiful box of Chocolate Lucky Charms with Haunted Marshmallows. Lucky is dressed in a vibrant neon green and purple vampire costume complete with fangs. Four monstrous marshmallows are rising up out of Lucky's pot of gold? The back of the box shows Lucky in a unicorn costume, a unicorn in a Lucky costume and offers a "Haunt and Go-Seek" game in a spooky forest. 

As for the taste? Well … 

Chocolate Lucky Charms with Haunted Marshmallows stands as a true heavyweight among Halloween cereals, offering a ghoulishly delightful flavor and box art so captivating it's frame-worthy. Don't hesitate – grab a box, dive into the Halloween spirit, and kick start the festivities of the 2023 season!

Stay Spooky!

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